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Believe in Yourself. Just Do It !

Published on 27/01/2012

General Outline:

This 2-hour workshop is perfect for the business minded person, or budding entrepreneur who desires to work for themselves, instead of being stuck or lost in their job or career.

This program is ideal for the person who has for a while considered the option of starting or running a business operation, but isn’t quite sure what it takes to kick-start a business, yet alone run it successfully over the long term.

During the program you will discover the key elements to successful ‘business building’ and what it takes to be ‘entrepreneurial’.  

You will also discover the philosophies and strategies taught by well-known entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Janine Allis, and Federico Re (Business Coach) himself.

Stop wasting precious time procrastinating about running your own business.  

Kick-start your business venture and do what you love most !

Specific Objectives:

↘ Discover how ‘strategy’ and ‘vision’ is an integral component to the long term success of your business venture.

↘ Learn the importance of ‘brand building’, and how this can dramatically improve the performance of your product or service in the marketplace, as well as ensure long term survival.

↘ Examine your core attributes and skill-set.  Find out how these can be harnessed into powerful business building tools to help expand and accelerate your business operation.

↘ Discover the relevance of ‘entrepreneurship’, and how this can be implemented into your business on a daily basis.

↘ Explore the viability of your business idea.  Transform this into a commercially viable product or service, by capitalizing on emerging growth trends.

↘ Unleash your passion for business and desire to work for yourself.  Discover ways to build a lifestyle doing what you love most.  Achieve the desired ‘work-life-balance’.

Achieve the confidence to kick-start your business idea, and introduce your product or service into the marketplace.

↘ Don’t procrastinate about doing something you love.  Ignore the skeptics.  Leverage on your gut feeling, and take the plunge !


Public Class or Private Session ?

You have a choice of selecting a public (group) class or private class based on your personal preference and business needs.  

Option 1 - Public Class:

Public sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 people to encourage discussion amongst participants.

Sessions are conducted in a relaxed and professional business environment, and regularly held at the RACV Business Centre, located in 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne.  

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Option 2 - Private Class / In-house Training:

Private sessions can be arranged for individuals or businesses needing personalised advisory, tailored for their specific business needs and personnel.

Sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 people per one paid registrant within the one organisation. Groups larger than 6 people can be arranged at an additional cost.  Please contact Federico on 0408 510 378 for further information.

Sessions can be held at the RACV Business Centre, or at a suitable location anywhere within Australia*.

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* Additional travel costs will apply for sessions held outside of Melbourne CBD.

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