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Develop your Intrapreneurial Skills

Published on 07/01/2014

Program Overview:

The 'Develop your Intrapreneurial Skills' program is a 1-day Masterclass or 4-week Online Course, focused at getting you thinking and behaving like a successful 'intrapreneur' in no time. 

In this course, you will discover why business leaders from around the world, from successful companies like 3M, Google, Toyota, Sony and Apple are choosing this style of management and business leadership, over conventional management methods, to build their team into successful intrapreneurs, for the benefit of the company as a whole. 

Are you ready to think like an enterprising individual, and adopt the mindset, behaviour, and habits of an entrepreneur, but within the organisation you work for ?  

Do you want to explore your entrepreneurial potential and learn effective ways to share your ideas to your employer or team ?

Do you wish to play a part in building an entrepreneurial culture within your workplace environment ?

Are you keen to transform your creative ideas into innovative / commercially viable products or services, to increase the competitiveness of the company you work for ?

If you're a business leaderCEOmanagerbusiness owner, or an employee of a small, medium or large organisation, then 'intrapreneurship' may be the perfect ingredient for your career and personal development.  

What is intrapreneurship ?

Intrapreneurship allows for innovative progress and development to occur in a speedier way within an organisation. 


The key advantage of intrapreneurship is that the intrapreneur (or employee of an organisation) can leverage on the support and resources of the organisation itself, that would otherwise not be available if that person was an entrepreneur working on their own business venture.


The role of an intrapreneur is more than just thinking outside the box or having a good idea. Intrapreneurs should also engage in operational work which leads to successful implementation and exploitation of ideas.  


Delivery of a new product or service into the marketplace requires the successful individual or team to proceed with persistence and determination throughout the process, regardless of the obstacles that lay in their path.


Essentially, an intrapreneur would adopt the mindset, behaviour, and habits of a typical entrepreneur, taking into account the overall wellbeing of the company. 


Are you intrapreneurial ?

  • Do you think of your workplace as an environment to actualise your creativity ?
  • Do you get excited talking to other employees or like minded colleagues about your creative / innovative ideas ?
  • Do you find the lifestyle or risk associated with running your own business venture unappealing ?  
  • Do you wish to put your mark, or make a difference, on the company you work for ?
  • Do you consider yourself a steward of the business you work in ?

If you've answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, you are very likely intrapreneurially minded !

Why Intrapreneurship is Important ?

In today’s economic environment, businesses need more employees who regularly demonstrate ‘entrepreneurial’ characteristics and work habits to fuel growth.  

The success of an employee lies in their ability to manage short-term priorities, but equally maintain a strategic ‘entrepreneurial’ approach to their work on a daily basis.

Essentially, an entrepreneurial employee, or ‘intrapreneur’, will add value to the organisation beyond what is expected within their role, to set themselves apart from other employees.

Advance your skillset to the next level of performance, whilst simultaneously accomplish the overall goals of the organisation that you work for.

Find out More ?

Click here to read more about intrapreneurship in the workplace.

Program Outline:

This program will explore the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes for the participant:

What is Entrepreneurship ? (Part 1):

•     Explore the key attributes / common traits of entrepreneurs;

•     How entrepreneurs deal with set-backs, failure, uncertainty, pressure, and other negative factors;

•     Why and how entrepreneurs prefer to work outside of their 'comfort zone‘;

•     How your own entrepreneurial instincts / skills can be harnessed into powerful building tools within your profession or role at work; 

An Introduction to Intrapreneurship (Part 2):

•     Origins, history and facts of intrapreneurship;

•     Why intrapreneurs are needed for the success of any organisation;

•   How business leaders around the world are leveraging on their intrapreneurs to fuel growth;

•     Understanding the mindsets, strengths, and weaknesses of entrepreneurial employees;

•     How intrapreneurs use creativity and innovation to pioneer new ideas;

Intrapreneurship in the Workplace (Part 3):

•     What drives the intrapreneur to perform better than conventional employees;

•   How to deal with risk, uncertainty, isolation, failure, criticism by other peers or management;

•     How to act in a team environment, and effectively communicate your ideas to your peers;

•     How to transform your innovative ideas into commercial opportunities for the benefit of the organisation;

•  How to deal with red tape, bureaucracy, protocol, or other barriers that may hinder innovation;

•   How to make faster, better, informed decisions without the angst, to secure opportunities within the marketplace;

•    How to maintain a high level of enthusiasm & energy during turbulent and uncertain times;

•   How to act as a strong role model to other employees & play an instrumental part in building the entrepreneurial culture within the company;

Intrapreneurial Leadership & Management (Part 4):

•    How to best leverage on the skill-set / mindset of the intrapreneur;

•   How to limit or avoid pioneering of new ideas interfering with the overall progress of the company;

•  How to build an entrepreneurial culture within the workplace and encourage other employees to embrace intrapreneurship;

•    How to manage risk effectively, whilst dealing with set-backs or failure;

•  How to set guidelines or boundaries for the intrapreneur without compromising their entrepreneurial spirit;

•    How to set a clear channel of communication amongst the team, to fuel innovation and pioneering of new ideas;

•   How to effectively manage the frustrated intrapreneur that doesn’t achieve what they desire;

1-Day Masterclass or 4-week Online Course ?

Option 1: 1-Day Masterclass

The 1-day Masterclass program will fast-track your learning over a single day.  This option is quick, effective and tailored for the individual's needs and job role.

Over the course of the 1-day Masterclass, you will be meeting with Federico Re face to face* at a mutually convenient location over a single day between 9am-5pm (Mon-Fri).  Alternative meeting times can be arranged with the participant based on their specific needs and mutually agreed with Federico.  Registrants are welcome to invite a maximum of one accompanying guest to partake in this program at no extra cost.

In-house training specifically tailored for teams or organisations needing personalised training and coaching, and tailored for their specific job roles can be also arranged. Please contact Federico Re on 0408 510 378 for further information.

Option 2: 4-week Online Course
The 4-week Online Course is structured into 4 parts, consisting of four 2-hour sessions run over 4 consecutive weeks.  Each session will cover topics as outlined in parts 1 to 4 above.  All sessions will be delivered via a private Google Hangout or Skype video conference.  You will be required to have a valid G-mail or Skype account before the first session takes place.


"As a CEO and an “intrapreneur”, I find Federico’s coaching and mentoring approach second to none. His own background as a successful entrepreneur enables him to understand and address issues from a very different angle. He has a unique ability to help and guide you to a point of self-realisation, which provides a much stronger impact when you yourself recognise the real issue, possible solution and/or way forward. Federico has certainly helped me become a better leader."

Wind Energy Holding - Frank Hojerslev (CEO) 


"I recently completed Federico's 'Develop your Intrapreneurial Skills' program and have found it invaluable in allowing me to become more entrepreneurially minded within my workplace. This mentality has been beneficial in the sales environment as I am now more proactive and look for opportunities to innovate.”



LJ Hooker - Stavros Hadjiyanni (Sales Consultant) 

"The ‘Develop your IntraprenerialSkills’ program was enormously valuable in helping me bridge the gap between technical proficiency and business viability.  Federico was  instrumental in enhancing my mindset to help me leverage on my entrepreneurial instincts.”

Chase Legal - Elizabeth Chase (Solicitor)

To Register:

Eventbrite - Private Workshop / Masterclass Programs

* Additional travel costs will apply for sessions held outside of Melbourne CBD.

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