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Learn from Failure. Create Success.

Published on 06/08/2012

General Outline:

2-hour group (or private) workshop program, most suited for the owner of a small to medium business, who has been trading for at least 2-3 years.  Ideal for the person who is starting to doubt whether long term success is ever possible, fundamentally because he/she has experienced a number  of set-backs during the first few years of start-up.

Learn effective ways to deal with 'failure' or common day-to-day set-backs, on your pursuit to long term success.  Discover how everyday 'failures' can be harnessed into powerful driving forces to help accelerate business growth.  Explore why it is important to push yourself outside of your 'comfort zone', whilst risking some failure, in order to grow and prosper.  

Specific Objectives:

  • Learn ways to accept 'failure' as part of business growth, and discover why you need to fail in order to prosper.
  • Understand why 'failure' is just part of normal every day business practice.
  • Develop a 'growth' or positive mindset during periods of turbulence or uncertainty.
  • Understand why you need to work outside of your 'comfort zone' in order to grow and develop.
  • Find your 'optimal performance zone', where creativity, innovation, and productivity is most achieved.
  • Explore the connection between 'passion', 'practise' and 'persistence', and why this is linked to the '10,000 hour rule' of mastery.
  • Uncover why 'creative visualization' and 'dreaming' should be an essential everyday activity, and how this can be the power source, or fuel, to drive ongoing business growth.
  • Discover how entrepreneurs use f'ailure' as their catalyst, or springboard, to pursue further business success.  

To understand more about dealing with 'failure' on your road to success, please click here.

'Group' Sessions:

Group sessions are limited to a maximum of 6 participants to encourage informal /intimate discussion and sharing of ideas. Sessions are held in a relaxed and professional business environment, at the RACV Business Centre, located in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

** Group sessions are currently not available.  Please contact Federico Re on 0408 510 378 to find out when further group classes will be held throughout 2014 **

'Private' Sessions:

Private sessions are available for individuals or partnerships needing personalised advice tailored for their specific business operation.  

Sessions are limited to a maximum of 2 people within the one organisation. Sessions can be held at the RACV Business Centre, or at a suitable mutual location anywhere within Australia*.

Eventbrite - Private Workshop / Masterclass Programs

* Additional travel costs will apply for sessions held outside of Melbourne CBD.

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