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Millionaire Coach Book

Published on 04/10/2013


What if you changed just one thing that resulted in phenomenal success and altered your life forever ?

Behind every successful person is a coach.  A coach holds the keys to unleashing your inner millionaire and skyrocketing your success.

Our coaches will show you the secrets to breaking through your unseen barriers to wealth and start enjoying the success you deserve today.

In this book you will discover:

  • How to create wealth in all areas of your life
  • How to design the lifestyle you have always wanted
  • How to be, do or have anything you want
  • How to enrich your life and enrich your world
  • How to reach your full potential faster
  • How to achieve everything you have ever wanted
  • How to identify the blocks holding you back from an extraordinary life !

Featuring inspiring success stories from:

  • Heidi Alexandra Pollard - Leading Value
  • Kylie Hammond - Kylie
  • Federico Re - Creative Entrepreneur
  • Gillian Skeer - Creative Coaching Solutions
  • Michael R. Dean - The Millionaire Group
  • Michael Yacoub - Advantex International
  • Samantha McDonald - Dare Coaching Academy
  • Heather Yelland - Emotional Enterprise Specialists 
  • Angelina Cirelli-Salomore - Unique Business Advantage
  • Clare Cope - Values Pendulum™
  • Richard Day - Life & Business Leadership Institute
  • Roberg Borg - Lifetime Dynamics
  • Kate Osborne - Leisure Seekers
  • Reeny Carvotta Barron - Passion and Possibilities
  • Jennie Brown - Jennie Brown Events 

Whether you are wanting to simply take yourself to the next level or completely transform your life you need to read this book.

(Published by Fiona & Michael R.Dean; copyright © 2013 by The Global Millionaire Group Pty Ltd)

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New Workshop:

Click here to find out more about this book through Federico's compelling new masterclass on "Millionaire Coach".  


"This brilliant book was not only an extraordinary read but has successfully inspired me, given me more confidence and belief within myself and my own abilities to become extremely successful.

It has given me a much better understanding of the tools essentially needed to ensure you and your business have the greatest potential for growth!

Federico Re's chapter was I felt, within itself a very powerful coaching session.

I am very grateful to have come in contact with Federico Re and all the knowledge and wisdom he has imparted. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone embarking on their own personal business venture."

Danielle Turnbull - Counsellor / Reiki Practitioner (Optimum Balance)

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