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The Face of Entrepreneurs

Published on 01/05/2014

Program Outline:

The Face of Entrepreneurs’ (TFE) is not just another networking event aiming to bring people together and to share a drink ! It’s more than this. 

TFE’s legacy and mission is about:

  • connecting’ with like minded people; 
  • inspiring’ others to achieve greater things in life and in business; and 
  • escaping’ from the daily grind of work life. 

The TFE program infuses the adrenalin of ‘adventure’ with the reward of ‘entrepreneurship’ in the one go.

If you are an entrepreneur or socially conscious entrepreneur wanting to contribute something positive towards the community; an enterprising individual or business owner aspiring to achieve greater heights of success; or simply a person seeking more fulfillment in life, then TFE is the ultimate destination and growth experience.

Program Outline:

The TFE Growth Program is like no other curriculum, as it will attract a specific calibre of people who are genuinely passionate, talented, and skilled with what they do in life or with their profession.

Founded by three well regarded entrepreneurs - Federico Re (Creative Entrepreneur), Ranil Rajapaksha (Raedium), and Maja Wolnik (Maja Creative).  They will share their life experiences in business and entrepreneurship spanning nearly two decades.

You will be inspired by their stories of success and failure; you will benefit from the connections they share in the business community; and you will love the activities they have planned for you !

Equally, your experiences in life and in business will be of inspiration to others, and by connecting with other like-minded people, you will benefit from their energy, drive, passion, and zest for life. 

The amazing and unique experiences shared by all members of TFE will be the core focus and driver of the program.  

Our Unique Activities:

You will have the unique opportunity to escape the daily grind of life, and experience a variety of casual and formal activities within the Melbourne fringe, to help refuel your cells and re-energise yourself for another day ahead. 

You might experience a casual walk through the streets of Melbourne taking photos with your camera; a fun and challenging indoor activity like ice-skating, rock-climbing, laser skirmish or Bollywood Dancing; a challenging outdoor adventure like a treasure hunt where your navigation skills and memory is put to the test; and other activities that will unite you and your fellow club members together. 

And of course, you will have the chance to unwind with a well-deserved drink at the end of that activity !

Our Melbourne Events:

Our Legacy:

In a nutshell, TFE’s ethos is about connectinginspiring, and escaping. These objectives are the three core pillars of our program.

There is nothing more rewarding than connecting with like minded people, feeling challenged as a team, and learning from those experiences; and then individually reaping the rewards from the hard work you’ve put in !

TFE’s ethos is similar to that of Richard Branson – 

"As an entrepreneur and as an adventurer you are trying to achieve things and make things better in other people's lives, trying to overcome challenges”.

In other words, there is nothing more powerful and rewarding than combining ‘adventure’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ simultaneously.  If you’re prepared to put yourself through intensive learning or training, why not have fun along the way !

Our core aim is to help you make decisions in life and in your business more effectively, by learning from the experiences of the TFE growth program; learn the secrets to entrepreneurial success by interacting with other successful people; and to feel rewarded and fulfilled from the experiences you undertake at TFE.

You will learn from others; you will openly share your life experiences with other people to create a positive impact on their lives; and you will be willing to occasionally step outside of your comfort zone.

Come along and experience the ultimate growth and personal development program in Melbourne !

Media Editorials:

Federico and his team have written a number of compelling articles on their experiences and thoughts about the founding and mission of TFE, and their ambitions for the future growth and expansion of TFE throughout Australia.

Please click the links below to find out more...


From our Guest Speakers:

Liz Atkinson - Co-founder - The League of Extraordinary Women


"I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to tell my business story at The Face of Entrepreneurs event last month. What an incredible group of people! It was so good to spend time with other business people that were eager to learn, grow and relate.  The Face of Entrepreneurs events are a great place to go if you need extra motivation, a friend that understands the tough times, and a place that will help you reach those goals you have set.  I would recommend any budding business owner to attend an event."


Martin Martinez - Serial Entrepreneur & Founder - Entrepreneur Card


"The Face of Entrepreneurs is a great initiative for the community and we at Entrepreneur Card are proud to have partnered with such a fantastic group of people. Their approach of bringing like minded people together is unique and very valuable for anyone in their entrepreneurial journey regardless of where they are. Look forward to a long standing relationship with the team at TFE." 


Julie-Anne Black - TV Celebrity & International Speaker - Be Brilliant Now


"Federico is fabulous to work with. He's authentic, upbeat, knowledgeable and genuinely excited about what he is bringing into the world. The whole team at The Face of Entrepreneurs is brilliant. I had the pleasure of working closely with Federico, Ranil and Maya when I recently spoke at one of their events. From our initial discussions, the filming of the radio show right through to the actual event, it was effortless and very well organised. The Face of Entrepreneurs pillars 'Connect, Inspire, Escape' and 'Combining Entrepreneurship With Adventure' was the perfect match for my brand Be Brilliant Now. I highly recommend getting involved with Federico, Ranil and Maya any chance you can! "


Monica Kade  - Writer, Presenter, & Editor of 'Aspire' Magazine


"It was such a pleasure to speak on 'The Face of Entrepreneurs' Radio Show - both Federico and Stuart Harris were so easy to work with, the evening flowed and it was all round and effortless process - plus FUN! To me out of all the endeavours I participate in, they must always incorporate this element and Federico has done a great job in creating this outlet for budding entrepreneurs to listen, learn and support them in unleashing their creativity." 

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