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Train your Entrepreneurial Eye

Published on 06/11/2015


Are you ready to think and behave like a ‘master entrepreneur’, without the risks and challenges typically associated with running your own business practice ?

Do you consider yourself an ‘intrapreneur’, or an entrepreneurial employee with a desire to foster and actualise your creative thoughts, innovative ideas, and intuitive business building skills within your workplace environment ?

The 'Train your Entrepreneurial Eye' program is a 2-day Intensive or 4-week Course, focused at getting you thinking and behaving like a successful ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘intrapreneur’ in no time. It is pivoted around the ‘decisionship’ and ‘intrapreneurship’ methodologies, mastered by Federico Re.

Who Should Attend ?

This program is most suited for CEO’s, Senior Managers or Team Leaders, Business Leaders, aspiring Intrapreneurs, or any other Enterprising Individual working or operating within a fast-paced competitive business environment, where effective decision-making, innovation, and a healthy entrepreneurial work culture is essential to their success.

What is Decisionship ?

A key constituent to mastering ‘intrapreneurship' within the workplace environment hinges around 'Decisionship'.

This methodology can be defined as the ‘art to making fast, effective, informed decisions without the angst’, and was originally developed by Serial Entrepreneur Creel Price. It has been later modified and adapted by Federico Re to incorporate elements of ‘intrapreneurship’, based on his 20 years of entrepreneurship, business leadership, and executive coaching experience. Federico is an accredited 'Decisionship' Coach, and was personally trained by Creel Price at the ‘Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship’ in South-Africa (Johannesburg).

What is Intrapreneurship ?

Intrapreneurship allows for innovative progress and development to occur in a speedier way within an organisation.  

Business leaders from around the world from companies like 3M, Google, Toyota, Sony and Apple are choosing this style of management and business leadership, over conventional management methods.  The key objective is to build their team or people into successful ‘intrapreneurs’, to achieve the desired growth, innovation, and competitive position desired by the organisation.

The key advantage of intrapreneurship for the employee, is that the intrapreneur can leverage on the support and resources of the organisation, which would otherwise not be available if that person was an entrepreneur working on their own business venture.

The role of an intrapreneur is more than just thinking outside the box or having a good idea. Intrapreneurs should be encouraged by management to contribute their innovative ideas within all departments of the organisation, and not just limited to visionary work, new products ideas, etc. Delivery of a new product or service into the marketplace requires the successful individual or team to proceed with persistence and determination throughout the process, regardless of the obstacles that lay in their path.

Essentially, an intrapreneur would adopt the mindset, behaviour, and habits of a typical entrepreneur, taking into account the overall wellbeing and resources of the company.  

Why Intrapreneurship is Critical:

In today’s economic environment, businesses need more employees who regularly demonstrate ‘entrepreneurial’ characteristics and work habits to fuel growth.  The success of an employee lies in their ability to manage short-term priorities, but equally maintain a strategic ‘entrepreneurial’ approach to their work on a daily basis. Essentially, an entrepreneurial employee, or ‘intrapreneur’, will add value to the organisation beyond what is expected within their role, to set themselves apart from other employees.

Program Outline:

This program will explore the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes for the participant:

Day 1 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 1 of 8 (4-week Course)

An Introduction to 'Decisionship' and ‘Intrapreneurship’

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Origins, history and facts of intrapreneurship;
  • Why intrapreneurs are needed for the success of any organisation;
  • How business leaders around the world are leveraging on their intrapreneurs to fuel growth, by looking at specific case studies;
  • Understanding the mindsets, strengths, and weaknesses of intrapreneurs;
  • Discovering the meaning of 'decisionship' and how this unique methodology is directly linked to successful entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and the ability of making faster, better informed decisions without the angst;
  • Understanding the meaning of the 'entrepreneurial eye' and how you need to follow a 3 step process including: 'define', 'assess', and 'decide';
  • Exploring the key elements to decisionship including foresight, insight and hindsight;
  • Exploring the meaning, importance, and unique profiles of the six  'Lenses of Foresight' including: passion, philosophy, proficiency, progress, prototype, and plan;
  • Discovering your 'personality type' and associated 'decision making / decisionship profile';
  • Learning to differentiate a 'fact' versus a 'feeling' when making important decisions; 
  • Discovering the meaning of the 'Perpetual Growth Principle' (PGP) methodology developed to shed light on why some businesses grow or accelerate and others stall of fail;

Day 1 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 2 of 8 (4-week Course)

‘Foresight, Insight, and Hindsight’

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advance your knowledge and understanding of foresight, insight and hindsight.  Learn how to use these three elements when assessing an opportunity or issue at hand;
  • Performing a 'Frictions Diagnostic' assessment to understand the factors or obstacles that are holding back your business or project from achieving further growth and development;
  • Exploring the 'Five Step Decide Process', used to make decisions effectively and proactively;
  •  Understanding the meaning of the 'Entrepreneur's Curse' and how it describes the inability to focus on any one thing for a very long time.  Find out if you have the entrepreneur's curse !;
  • Learning to make decisions with clarity, commitment, and reason, focusing on specific objectives;
  • Day 1 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 3 of 8 (4-week Course)

'The Passion Lens'

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advancing your knowledge of the 'Passion' lens, and discover why this lens is about the mindset of a sailor;
  • Discovering what makes you passionate to ensure you remain motivated and inspired;
  • Exploring the six types of occupations within business including the 'employee', the 'self-employed', the 'business owner', the 'entrepreneur', and 'the serial entrepreneur', and the ‘intrapreneur’. Discover the traits of each profession / roles and what motivates each individual within this role;
  • Discovering your 'endgame' and define your personal mission statement that will serve as a continual reminder of what you want to achieve in your life; 

Day 1 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 4 of 8 (4-week Course)

'The Philosophy Lens'

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advancing your knowledge of the 'Philosophy' Lens, and discover why this lens is that of the gardener, and is all about your values and beliefs;
  • Discover what your values and beliefs are in connection with your company brand and culture;
  • Developing 'Employee Standards' in your business to ensure you can defer or delegate decisions to avoid being distracted by less important matters;

Day 2 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 5 of 8 (4-week Course)

'The Proficiency Lens'

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advancing your knowledge of the 'Proficiency' Lens, and find out why this lens is that of a movie producer;
  • Exploring why this lens focuses on you as an individual and on your own skills and proficiencies.  
  • Discovering your entrepreneurial competencies and what you are good at, as well as your weaknesses which may prevent success;
  • Don't waste your time and energy trying to be good at something you simply don't like.  Instead, discover your strengths and focus on your talents and abilities.  Determine your ideal job role within your business;
  • Assess how you spend your time on your business, and re-allocate this time on the ideal split between sales, operations, and support;

Day 2 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 6 of 8 (4-week Course)

'The Progress Lens'

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advancing your knowledge of the 'Progress' Lens, and learn why this lens is the mountaineer;
  • Finding out why this lens is about your business rather than you as an individual, and discover the various business stages an entrepreneur will go through on their entrepreneurial adventure;
  • Learning why 'vision' is important for your business success.  Developing your vision statement for your company;
  • Assessing the stage of your business using financial metrics including income, profit, and value;

Day 2 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 7 of 8 (4-week Course)

'The Prototype Lens’

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advancing your knowledge of the 'Prototype' Lens, and find out why this lens is that of a master-chef;
  • Learning why this lens is about your business model and the formula to your business success;
  • Exploring your business model made up of the value proposition, delivery proposition, and financial proposition;
  • Discovering the 'magic metric' - the corner stone to your business model that ensures you don't have to count everything, just what counts;

Day 2 of 2 (Intensive Program) or Session 8 of 8 (4-week Course)

'The Plan Lens'

This section of the program will cover the following topics and/or achieve the following outcomes:

  • Advancing your knowledge of the 'Plan' Lens, and discover why this lens is that of the architect;
  • Discovering the various strategies needed to help you focus on key priorities, to enable you to achieve your desired goals faster.  Determine those key priorities for your business; 
  • Advancing your knowledge of the Perpetual Growth Principle methodology, by understanding the four principles that underpin business acceleration;
  • Re-examining the meaning and importance of hindsight and how this contributes to seeing our past clearly, to make clearer and more effective decisions for the future;
  • Deciding how this issue or opportunity should be resolved by using foresight, hindsight, and insight;

'Management & Leadership of Intrapreneurs’

  • Discovering how to best leverage on the skill-set / mindset of the intrapreneur;
  • Learning how to limit or avoid pioneering of new ideas interfering with the overall progress of the company;
  • Discovering how to build an entrepreneurial culture within the workplace and encourage other employees to embrace intrapreneurship;
  • Discovering how to manage risk effectively, whilst dealing with set-backs or failure;
  • Learning how to set guidelines or boundaries for the intrapreneur without compromising their entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Finding out how to set a clear channel of communication amongst the team, to fuel innovation and pioneering of new ideas;
  • Discovering how to effectively manage the frustrated intrapreneur that doesn’t achieve what they desire;

Program Structure:

This program can be delivered in two formats:

Option 1:

2-day ‘Intensive’split over 2 consecutive days consisting of two 3-hour sessions per day.

TOTAL contact time with Trainer is 12 hours.

Option 2:

4-week coursestructured into four equal parts, consisting of four 3-hour sessions run over 4 consecutive weeks. 

TOTAL contact time with Trainer = 12 hours

Program Fee:

Private (individual) Class:  $2,995.00* (inc.10% GST) per person. Limited to a maximum of 2 participants.

Group Class / In-house Training: $7,995.00* (inc. 10% GST) (max. fee).  Limited to a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 10 participants.


Federico has carefully researched and compiled a series of articles and videos for prominent business publications, to further articulate on the subjects of intrapreneurship and decisionship:

·                                   The Exponential Value of Entrepreneurial Employees

·                                   Intrapreneurship - the silver bullet for success

·                                   Why SME's should be hiring Entrepreneurial Employees

·                                   The Myth of the Intrapreneur

·                                   The Little Known Truth about Intrapreneurs

·                                   Dawn of the Intrapreneur

·                                   Intrapreneurial Leadership - a fine balancing act

·                                   The One Thing to Win at the Game of Business


Program fees include a course manual to assist the participants to take effective and structured notes, to facilitate the learning process, as well as lunch and refreshments.  Fees exclude travel costs including flights, accommodation, or other disbursements, for sessions held outside of Melbourne CBD within regional or interstate regions.


An overhead projector or whiteboard will be used to deliver the content of the course with the help of the Trainer.  For in-house training, this equipment will be made available by the organisation.


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