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Mastering your Career with Passion, Talent, and Re-invention

Traditional education will teach you that to have a successful job in a chosen field, you must secure the necessary qualifications to meet the standards expected. In fact, for many professions like dentistry and even carpentry, the key to establishing a rewarding career is fundamentally about the long-term commitment and acquiring the skills and experience within a chosen field.

Created on 28/02/2017

How to Awaken the Entrepreneur within: from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Just had an insightful interview with Michael E. Gerber this morning on InspireTalkRadio. Michael is the author of 27 E-myth books, and nicknamed the 'Godfather of Business Systems'.

I discovered today that to achieve 'success' in whatever shape or form ultimately requires:

'Inspiration', 'Education', 'Application', 'Implementation', and 'Continuous Improvement'.

I also learnt that to be a true entrepreneur, you ultimately need to be: a 'Dreamer', a 'Thinker', a 'Storyteller', and a 'Leader'.

Created on 24/01/2017

How Passion for Horticulture ignited an Entrepreneurial Career of Success for Jamie Durie

Earlier this week I had a one-on-one encounter with international designer / TV Host / serial entrepreneur - Jamie Durie.

I was given the exclusive opportunity to interview Jamie at the private Qantas Chairman's Lounge at Melbourne airport. It was during that 1-hour encounter that I was able to dig deep into the mind of a Aussie icon, and discover the elements to his entrepreneurial success, spanning over 25 years.

Created on 08/12/2016

What can we learn from a talented chef & restaurateur - George Calombaris

I've always been fascinated about food, especially because of my Italian heritage and family roots in the heart of Sicily. Without a doubt, the Mediterranean is an epicentre of culinary delights, and 'cooking' per se, is an integral part of everyday life and its culture.

For quite some time, I've been inquisitive about the new-age term 'restaurateur', and how this profession is represented amongst popular TV shows like MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, and Hell's Kitchen. My curiosity about this word also makes me think of the possible affiliation with the word 'entrepreneur', and the character traits that these successful individuals possess in the world of food, entertainment, and business.

Created on 08/12/2016

Failure - a temporary Resting Place to begin more Intelligently

Most people argue that ‘failure’ is a dirty word and something you should avoid at all costs, especially in the world of business. Contrary to this popular belief, Robert Kiyosaki was once quoted saying that “Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.” 

Across the media, we are constantly bombarded with cliché images and stories of how ‘successful’ people have accomplished fame, wealth, and ultimate success in their line of work. Some of the common beliefs include that having ego, pride, self-confidence, and other traits pivoting around self-importance is the key to success. To make things worse, if you experience ‘failure’ in any shape or form, you are seen as a misfit, or a person with limited potential.

Created on 08/12/2016

A+ Grade Employees - the Radical Intrapreneur

For a long time, I’ve had the opinion that ‘intrapreneurship’ is a term and practice that most business owners or leaders in Australia prefer to neglect or even ignore. This is despite the fact that ‘intrapreneurs’ continue to be the driving force of innovation and growth of companies around the world, including Google, Pixar, Disney, and evenAirbnb.

‘intrapreneurs’ continue to be the driving force of innovation and growth of companies around the world

My ongoing efforts to educate and explore intrapreneurship amongst Australian business leaders has always proven challenging and often frustrating.  However, my feeling changed when I interviewed Andrew Coronis (Managing Director – Coronis Group), and discovered how Andrew is leveraging on his entrepreneurial employees to achieve accelerated growth.

Created on 05/09/2016

Being Daring And Disruptive Is How Great Pioneers Conquer Their Industry

When I think about the great pioneers and disruptors of the past, I begin to imagine the character traits of these heroic individuals who have completely revolutionised the way we live today.  Some of my favourites include Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, andLeonardo da Vinci.  Amongst them, they disrupted the animation and film industries, as well as the arts, science, music, and religious sectors.

Not only were they daring and disruptive, but also determined, passionate, humble, risk-takers, courageous, visionaries, and highly imaginative.  In other words, they possessed the common traits of your typical serial entrepreneur of the 21st century.

Created on 29/08/2016

How Female Entrepreneurs are Disrupting & Pioneering Workplace Egypt !

For the past 20 years, I have witnessed the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, owning and running a number of successful business ventures in Australia, as well as employing and managing a number of people that have added value to the organisations I founded.

Upon reflection however, I have to admit that only a few of these individuals have contributed something remarkable or truly powerful to my business ventures. I call these people the ‘intrapreneurs’ of the workplace.

From experience, the intrapreneurs I have worked closely with possess unique characteristics and qualities that are not commonly found amongst conventional employees.  In my opinion, they are ‘rare species’ and constitute less than 5% of the workforce in Australia.

Created on 10/08/2016

Jack Delosa disrupting Business Education with Dreaming Out Loud

Dream out Loud”, says Jack Delosa, founder of ‘The Entourage’, Australia’s fastest growing provider of business and entrepreneurship education in Sydney.

I recently met Jack whilst attending his book launch for “Unwritten” in Melbourne. What struck me about this Aussie serial entrepreneur was his humble character and thirst to motivate and inspire the young entrepreneurial community in Australia. Jack’s mission is to help individuals achieve ‘success’, to ultimately develop their dream business or career path.

Created on 20/07/2016

Why Creativity, Innovation, and Lifestyle is so important for Lisa Messenger

It was only just recently that I had the exclusive opportunity to interview Jack Delosa on my 'InspireTalk' radio show with my lovely co-host Laura Huxley

This experience gave me the chance to come close and personal with a truly remarkable Aussie serial entrepreneur and discover his secrets to 'success' and what it really takes to become a 'game changer' in the industry.

My Legacy to Interview the Best:

I was inspired to continue my legacy to again interview other serial 'disruptors' in the industry, and for this reason decided to contact Lisa Messenger to arrange my next guest speaker for the show.

Created on 17/06/2016

Social Entrepreneurs are taking the Leap of Faith Into the Unknown

Since childhood, I was always fascinated by the stories of great explorers likeEdmund Hillary, Neil Armstrong, and other extraordinary pioneers of the past.   I was particularly appealed by the adventures of Sir Douglas Mawson and his expeditions in the Antarctic. What most attracted me about Mawson was his determination, tenacity, leadership, and survival instincts to explore unchartered territories during the heroic age of Antarctic exploration in the early 20th century.

Fast forward 100 years, I was honoured to meet Australian serial entrepreneur and adventurer Julio De Laffitte in an exclusive radio interview. I was keen to explore Julio’s legacy behind his new venture Unstoppables; a movement dedicated to ‘igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and taking entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to the next level through the power of collaboration’.

Created on 02/06/2016

My Interview with Jack Delosa

I recently met Jack Delosa (Founder of The Entourage) at his recent book launch in Melbourne earlier this month.

My encounter with Jack was a prelude towards my forthcoming interview with this serial entrepreneur on my InspireTalk radio show on the 24th May, 2016 at8pm (AEST), with my co-host Laura Huxley.

Created on 09/05/2016

Why entrepreneurship coaching & mentoring is NOT over-rated

I was recently interviewed by Omar de Silva at Ducere about the definition and importance of 'entrepreneurship coaching' and 'entrepreneurship mentoring'. 

This interview was a prelude towards my strategic partnership at Ducere in Melbourne as 'workshop facilitator' and 'entrepreneurship coach', as part of the 'Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship' program. 

My objective was to explain the difference between the terms 'coaching' and 'mentoring'; the distinction between an 'entrepreneurship coach' and 'business coach'; and why every business owner or aspiring entrepreneur should consider an entrepreneurship coach or mentor to help fuel their business growth and personal development.

Created on 04/05/2016

Workplaces of the Future Will Feel More Like The Matrix Than Office Space

The cliché workplace environment of the 20th century makes me think about dull neon lights, desk cubicles, stale air, and large IBM computer monitors. I cannot imagine how this would stimulate productivity, innovation, and a sense of community for today’s office workers or generation.

Fast forward to 2016, the new-age workplace is now about fancy ergonomic furniture, architecturally inspired lighting, digital connectivity around the globe, and so much more.  In Australia, workplace trends are changing fast, enabling start-up entrepreneurs, business owners, as well as employees of organisations the opportunity to run their business and / or workplace affairs from these innovative ‘hubs’.

Created on 28/04/2016

How does Entrepreneurship lend itself to Space Exploration

I've always been fascinated about space exploration, and science fiction movies like 2001: A Space OdysseyStar Trek, and even the original Star Wars trilogy.  As a child, travelling into distant space, discovering new planets, exploring new frontiers and extraterrestrial possibilities, and never returning back to Earth was a vision that has always inspired me. 

These memories were brought back to life just recently when I had the exclusive opportunity to meet two Aussie astronaut candidates for the 'Mars One' mission, on a Google Hangout.  I was joined by Dianne McGrath and Josh Richards, and together we explored the definition of 'Astropreneurship', and how this new-age term is applicable to the space industry and to entrepreneurship. 

Created on 15/04/2016

The Intrapreneur - Why SMEs need these innovators

It was back in 2014, that I compiled an article titled The Myth of the Intrapreneur

I was inspired to write this editorial piece after reading Michael E. Gerber’s famous book “E-myth”. This book provided excellent literature about the behaviour, mindset, and unique qualities of ‘entrepreneurs’, but made no specific reference to the terms ‘intrapreneur’ and ‘intrapreneurship’, and how this was relevant to SME’s.

After reading his book, I was compelled to start my own long term legacy of educating business owners in Australia about ‘intrapreneurial leadership’.  Ultimately, it was about instructing these business owners to embrace intrapreneurs within their business and foster innovation.  


Created on 24/03/2016

The myth of the Intrapreneur - revisited

It was back in 2013, that I first compiled an editorial around ‘intrapreneurship’.  The article was titled: ‘Intrapreneurship versus Entrepreneurship’.

My objective was to outline the differences between the two terms, and start my long term legacy of educating CEO’s in Australia, of the critical importance of ‘intrapreneurial leadership’.  Ultimately, it was about empowering and instructing these leaders to better manage their ‘intrapreneurs’, to foster more innovation within their organisation.

After more than two years, I find myself writing and demystifying intrapreneurship once again, this time with the help of my client Matt Browne(CEO – DoneSafe) on my online radio program.

Created on 18/02/2016

What can we learn from Game Changers

I am always inspired by the stories of successful people, including serial entrepreneurs, inventors, explorers, and in particular ‘game changers’.

Game changers are individuals that challenge the status quo, and take unprecedented risks to pursue opportunity.  They strongly believe in themselves and are fuelled by their flowing passion to succeed.  More uniquely, they often have a legacy that hinges on the success of others, a desire for global change, wellbeing for humanity, innovation in business, etc.

Created on 08/02/2016

The Simple Dynamics of Public Speaking

Public speaking is no simple task whether your audience is made up of 20 or 200 people.  I know this fact from past experience, especially during my earlier humble years of motivational speaking at trade exhibitions, business conferences, and other public venues.   

Created on 02/02/2016

The power of vision: your ultimate weapon to success

In reflecting on my 20-year career, it’s evident that my success as an entrepreneur largely stems from the planning and understanding I put into my business ventures. My visions and goals have shaped the way I have performed and thought throughout my career.

My vision became my ultimate weapon for success when I was only 22. Before I started my rewarding career in business and during my employment as an engineer, I spent a lot of time dreaming about the possibilities of working for myself, travelling the world, and making lots of money. I was simply not inspired by the confines of traditional employment; I wanted the freedom to explore the possibilities and boundaries of an entrepreneurial career instead.

Created on 25/01/2016

Why Failure shouldnt be a dirty word in education

One of the greatest inventors of the 20th century was Henry Ford.  His philosophy towards ‘failure’ was unconventional, risky, provocative and certainly ahead of time. “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”, was what Henry thought. 

Created on 06/01/2016

Facing the firing furnace of Entrepreneurship

I know too well that achieving business success is a very tough undertaking.  I spent my first ten years of my career chasing my dream, and eventually building a multi-million dollar business within the retail industry. During this journey however, I faced ridicule from sceptics, financial strain, extreme risk, many set-backs and failures, and an avalanche of day to day issues.  Essentially, I faced the 'firing furnace' time and time again, before I could smell victory at the end of my Mission to Mars.  

Created on 17/12/2015

New Age Networking - how Millennials build and sustain relationships

We live in a complex world dominated by new technologies; a multitude of social media platforms; fast emerging trends and technologies pivoted around the digital space, the environment, geography, culture, consumer trends, gender diversity, and different belief systems. 

In Australia, this landscape is ever-changing, and is progressively being dominated by the younger (‘Millennial’) generation, who appears more capable and adaptable to survive in this tech-driven environment. 

So how do the Millennials position themselves in this space amongst their peers and in the public, and how do they go about developing and sustaining their relationships to achieve their goals and objectives in life and at work ? How do they use technology as their key weapon to survival  ? 

Created on 11/12/2015

Australia braces itself for the technology Gold Rush

‘Disruption’ is not just a buzz word commonly used in the entrepreneurial sector; it’s the new-age ‘Gold Rush’ for Australia.

Over the past decade, this phenomenon was again repeated on a massive scale with the discovery of significant iron ore deposits, uranium, diamonds, coal, and other precious minerals.

There is no doubt therefore that Australia’s rich entrepreneurial history is by no means shallow, but to the envy of many developed nations.  So what the does the future hold for Australia ? 

Created on 09/12/2015

Young People & Money - how will technology change the relationship

I’m always intrigued to observe how the younger generation use technology on a day to day basis to catch up with their friends on Facebook; watch their favourite TV show on their mobile device; or find out the closest pub using the latest phone app.

I’m even more fascinated to see how the Millennials go about doing their banking, search for the cheapest loan online, or determine the cheapest travel insurance for their overseas trip.

Created on 10/11/2015

InspireTalk. Where game changers meet on radio

I am excited to announce the launch of 'InspireTalk'.  An online radio show broadcasted on Google Hangout every Tuesday night at 8pm AEDT.

Be inspired by the stories of our founders and our special guests.

You will get the chance to meet a number of high profile speakers or 'game changers' in the world of business, entrepreneurship, TV, sport, media, politics, and much more.  

Our Mission:

The purpose of the show is to bring genuine people, with genuine success stories, to an online platform which you can join.  As we grow the program we will be looking to ensure that the content is of a nature that you can take away and say “I can do that”.

We also want you to participate and within a handful of shows we will be looking at bringing in a number of you to join the discussion and ask questions that we haven’t thought of.

Created on 09/06/2015

I'm at the Top. Why would I need a Coach

It is often assumed that once you reach the top of an executive position, you have reached your ultimate career milestone.  However, the typical business leader will face immense pressure and scrutiny, and be challenged by constant decision-making and many priorities of high importance. 

So why is it essential for any top business leader to have a coach or mentor as part of their role as a senior executive?

Whether you’re a CEO, Director, Manager, Executive, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur of a small, medium or large organisation, the reality is that the pressure to make the right decisions and to perform at your best is always an imminent reality and a common thread.  In rapidly changing markets and shifting global trends, the margin for error is diminishing.

The business leader is typically the decision-maker, the pioneer, the risk taker, the problem solver, the person people go to for answers, as well as the person people blame if things go wrong within the organisation.  

Created on 17/04/2015

Recruiting the 'Entrepreneurial Employee' - Why Business Leaders need these Innovators

Before I relinquish my exact definition to the “I” word covered in this story, I would like to provide a few clues behind the significance and importance of this mysterious word, which so many Business Owners, CEO’s, HR Managers and Executive Recruiters within Australia are still so unfamiliar with. I shall refer to this word as ‘Intra’ for the time being.

‘Intra’ has been in the dictionary since the 1970’s, and has been embraced and adopted by business leaders and serial entrepreneurs since this time, within highly successful companies around the world, like Google, 3M, Lockheed, Toyota, Twitter, etc.  ‘Intra’ has a direct correlation to the word ‘entrepreneurship’ and is focused around innovation, pioneering of new ideas and products, and boosting the competitive position and spirit of an organisation. 

Created on 17/04/2015

Intrapreneurship...the silver bullet for success

Federico will uncover why ‘intrapreneurs’ are urgently needed for the future success and prosperity of every organisation.

I recently attended a networking event in Melbourne, geared towards business executives including CEO’s, Company Directors, and HR Managers. When asked the question about my profession, with my response being that I specialise in ‘intrapreneurial leadership’, I received a perplexed look of intrigue, confusion, and amazement from the majority of participants.

I soon realised that the use of the word ‘intrapreneurial’ was the root of my problem, despite that fact that I was dealing with professionals with substantial human resources experience, and considerable knowledge of business leadership. Again, I witnessed the interesting phenomenon that a very large percentage of business professionals are still unaware of the meaning of intrapreneurship and the high importance this has in the Australian workforce for business leaders.

Created on 30/01/2015

The Ultimate Weapon for Achieving Mastery

I must  confess that I am very fond of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Since the age of 16, I have been a fan of his muscular physique, his strong determination and will-power to succeed as a bodybuilding champion, and his accomplishments in winning multiple prestigious awards like Mr Olympia.   What struck me the most about his attitude was his extreme ambition of becoming the world’s best bodybuilding athlete – essentially a ‘master’ of bodybuilding. 

Arnold’s accomplishments were also reflected in his successful long term career in acting, politics, and entrepreneurship.

Created on 12/12/2014

Intrapreneurial Leadership - a fine balancing act

We all know that entrepreneurial leaders are passionate individuals, with a zest for life, and a willingness to conquer opportunities despite the risks.   They typically enjoy operating outside of their comfort zone to chase their ‘dream’.

Despite these positives, entrepreneurs are also challenged by continual setbacks and sometimes failure to pursue their long term aspirations.  This might include dealing with sceptics, managing cash-flow issues, and an avalanche of day-to-day operational issues.

Even more challenging is learning how to effectively manage their entrepreneurial employees, or ‘intrapreneurs’, to create a harmonious and productive workplace environment for all those involved.

Innovative companies like 3M, Google, Apple, Toyota, Lockheed, and Virgin, would have not existed so successfully if it hadn’t been for the innovative ideas of their passionate intrapreneurs, and the effective leadership by the management team.

Created on 03/12/2014

I didn't do's not my fault

Bart Simpson is well known for saying - “I didn’t do it. Nobody saw me do it. There’s no way you can prove anything !”

Most of today’s society is used to blaming others for something that goes wrong in their own lives. If we don’t achieve what we desire, or get what we want, we automatically blame others.

In NLP language, there's a term called 'Cause' and 'Effect'. Most people fall in the trap of believing that their outcome in life is the 'effect' of some external factor, or a circumstance beyond their control. On the other hand, a small minority of people, especially those who are successful or take control of their lives, believe that their outcome in life is the 'cause' of the decisions and actions they take in life.

Created on 17/11/2014

Life Code - My Formula to Success

I’m currently reading Dr Phil’s latest book called – “Life Code”. In this book, he describes his thought process on how people become successful in life. What initially captured my attention in this book were the following remarks:

“What is it that this person does that has contributed to their success ? Education ? Intelligence ? Commitment ? Passion ? Social skills ? Risk-taking ? Analytical skills ? Was it their strategy of problem solving or maybe their negotiation skills, philosophy, or coping skills ?”

He further states that: Success does not happen by accident; people don’t just get lucky. Success is created and, just as importantly, once obtained, it must be managed and protected.”

Created on 16/10/2014

The Exponential Value of Entrepreneurial Employees

I continually remain perplexed by the number of people in Australia, and especially those within the business community, that are still not familiar with the meaning of the term ‘intrapreneurship’.

Thousands of people proudly claim the title ‘entrepreneur’, but have ignored the entrepreneur's little brother: the ‘intrapreneur’. 

We also know that entrepreneurs can be stereotyped as mavericks, adventurers, visionaries, risk-takers, experimental, and much more.  But exactly what traits do intrapreneurs possess, and what value does this offer an organisation that employs them ?

Created on 01/10/2014

The Millennial Generation - headache or opportunity

Federico Re explores why Millennial employees need to be handled with care, and why they can be asset to your organisation.

Created on 02/09/2014

The Epicentre of Entrepreneurship & Adventure

Federico Re shares his intimate thoughts and journey in co-founding ‘The Face of Entrepreneurs’in Melbourne, with a mission of ‘combining entrepreneurship with adventure’.

Created on 02/09/2014

CEO's - Who do these Leaders lean on

There is no doubt that in today’s competitive environment, rapidly changing markets, and shifting trends, that a CEO is under enormous pressure to make the right decisions, and perform at their best. 

A CEO is the decision-maker, the leader, the pioneer, the problem solver, the person people turn to for answers, as well as the person people blame if poor decisions are made within the organisation.  

It is therefore not surprising that we are witnessing a ‘CEO epidemic’, where 2 in 5 CEO’s quit their jobs within the first 18 months of their appointment.  This is fundamentally caused by their failure to secure long term strategic partnerships with their subordinates and peers.

Today’s executive leaders not only face scrutiny from the public, but also from their stakeholders, their executive team, and their employees.  It often only takes one poor decision for the reputation of a CEO to overturn, and for their role to topple.  Ego, self-confidence, and hubris are also common negative contributors or crippling factors that only accelerate their demise.

So, who does the CEO lean on to receive help, guidance, and achieve the desired results ?  How does a CEO maintain his vision, his energy and passion, whilst staying calm and reassured during turbulent times ? Who can he trust the most when the ‘going gets tough’

Created on 29/04/2014

How Entrepreneurs need to manage Intrapreneurs

We all know that entrepreneurs are passionate individuals, with a zest for life, and a willingness to conquer the unknown despite the risks. 

We also know that entrepreneurs typically operate outside of their comfort zone to pursue opportunity; they challenge the status quo; whilst dealing with failure, plenty of sceptics, and an avalanche of issues on a day to day.

Another core challenge for the entrepreneur is how to effectively manage their personnel, and ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit continues to manifest throughout the workplace. 

Even more challenging is keeping a harmonious relationship between the business owner (the ‘entrepreneur’) and the entrepreneurial employee (the ‘intrapreneur’).

Created on 29/04/2014

The Myth of the Intrapreneur

Federico Re is an Entrepreneurial Coach and founder of  For nearly two decades, Federico has assisted an array of fast growing SME’s in Australia, focusing on entrepreneurial leadership and innovation.

Federico will uncover why you should hire entrepreneurial employees (or intrapreneurs) within your organisation to remain competitive, as well as ensure long term survival.

Created on 31/03/2014

Dawn of the Intrapreneur

Federico Re is an Entrepreneurial Coach and founder of  For nearly two decades, Federico has assisted an array of fast growing SME’s and retailers in Australia, focusing on entrepreneurial leadership and innovation.

Federico will uncover why you should hire entrepreneurial employees (or intrapreneurs) within your organisation to ensure you survive another decade within the hostile retail environment.

Created on 31/03/2014

Why SMEs should be hiring entrepreneurial employees

Over the past decade, intrapreneurship has been on the rise and SMEs need to take notice. Here, Federico Re explains how hiring entrepreneurial employees can help your business remain competitive and ensure long-term survival.

Businesses need employees with entrepreneurial characteristics and habits to fuel growth and innovation. Over the past decade, intrapreneurship has been on the rise across global markets, particularly in the US and UK. In Australia, the surprising reality is that the term ‘intrapreneur’ is still a word that most people have not even heard of before.

To read more, click on link - 'My Business' Magazine - Online Blogs 


Created on 06/03/2014

How Columbus Conquered America

Early this morning I was reading a book to my 6 year old son called “Charlie and the Great Elevator”.  This book was authored by Roald Dahl (author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”; “The Twits", etc).

I came across this great passage that said:

You’ll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that.  Would Columbus have discovered America if he’d said: ‘What if I sink on the way over ? What if I meet pirates ? What if I never come back ?’  He wouldn’t even have started !

Reading this script made me immediately think about the adventures a typical entrepreneur has to face when embarking into the unknown. 

Created on 14/02/2014

Making Decisions without the Angst

'Decisionship' is learning to make quick, effective, and informed decisions without the angst (quote by Seial Entrepreneur - Creel Price).  This is particularly important if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or even an employee of an organisation.

In life and in business, we are often confronted with emotionally challenging decisions that must be made promptly and confidently, in order to make significant progress or achieve the desired goals or outcomes.

Created on 16/01/2014

Intraprenership in the Workplace

What is Intrapreneurship ?

The word 'intrapreneur' has been in the dictionaries since the 1990's ?

Wiktionary defines 'intrapreneurship' as: "the practice of applying entrepreneurial skills and approaches within an established company; being creative with ideas and procedures".

Intrapreneurship allows for innovative progress and development to occur in a speedier way within an organisation.  

The key advantage of intrapreneurship is that the intrapreneur (or employee of an organisation) can leverage on the support and resources of the organisation itself, that would otherwise not be available if that person was an entrepreneur working on their own business venture.


Created on 13/01/2014

The Club Kidpreneur Foundation

I am excited to announce my participation as 'Camp Mentor' in the Club Kidpreneur Foundation.

Camp Kidpreneur is an exciting school holiday micro-enterprise program for 8 -12 year olds teaching them to start their very own real-world businesses.

The camp runs over four action packed days and provides budding kidpreneurs the opportunity to be creative and start their own business while learning real-life business lessons delivered in a fun and engaging way by real-world entrepreneur Camp Mentors. 



Created on 06/01/2014

The Ultimate Growth Adventure - Update

On the 1st December, 2013, Federico received his accreditation as a 'Decisionship' Business Coach whilst participating in the 'Ultimate Growth Adventure' (UGA) business program in South-Africa (Nov/Dec 2013).

During the 5-day boot-camp business program, and in partnership with the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

Federico was trained in Decisionship by Creel Price and the Accelerate Global team.  He was exposed to physically and emotionally challenging and demanding activities with other participants, as part of his pursuit to complete the entrepreneurial program.

During this time, he discovered the connection between decisionship, entrepreneurship, and adventure.  In fact, Creel's desire to use adventure as a means to educate people on the subject of entrepreneurship, actually stemmed from Richard Branson himself. Interesting enough, Creel Price and Richard Branson share a close business relationship and are often involved in various philanthropic projects throughout the world.

Federico's involvement in the UGA program also allowed him to use his strong business coaching experience and entrepreneurial background to coach and mentor budding entrepreneurs (ie. scholars of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship) involved in the program.

Created on 31/12/2014

Procrastination to Motivation

When was the last time you felt totally motivated, empowered, or successful ? What exactly did you experience when this phenomenon took place ? What did you see, hear, or feel ?

Most people have had an experience in the recent past that was perhaps memorable, exciting, and joyful.  

Created on 07/11/2013

Grab the Bull by the Horns

Running a business and juggling life can be a real test of character.

We have so many tasks to perform, so many decisions to make, and so many unexpected obstacles to overcome, which makes running a business smoothly a real discouraging reality.  

Created on 17/10/2013

The Magic Happens Outside of the Comfort Zone

When was the last time your dared to step outside of your comfort zone ?

Do you proactively seek to work outside of your comfort area, to improve your performance, focus, stamina, and output ?

The truth is that if you stay within your comfort zone, you will not grow !

It is a widely known fact that entrepreneurs regularly step outside of their comfort zone to seek opportunity, eventhough they know that the risk of failure will increase.  

Created on 05/09/2013

Federico Re Inducted for Excellence in Entrepreneurship

On 3rd September, 2013, Federico Re has been recognized by 'Worldwide Who’s Who' for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in entrepreneurship and business coaching. 

As a result, Federico Re has been inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Entrepreneurship.

Created on 04/09/2013

The Art of 'Thinking BIG'

The art of 'thinking BIG’ has no set rule.  It’s really about what makes you tick, and what you desire and want the most from your life pursuits or business venture.  At the end of the day, if you’re going to get out of bed, you might as well do something that you love and enjoy !

Essentially, success is all about having the right attitude and mindset, and always having a dream.  

Let's now learn from other succesfull people, about what the art of 'thinking big' actually entails........

Created on 27/08/2013

'Intrapreneurship' versus 'Entrepreneurship'

What exactly is an ‘intrapreneur’ ?

How often do you come across this word, compared to the more conventional, more widely known word ‘entrepreneur’ ?

My experience is that more than 90% of people have never heard the word intrapreneur before.  When I describe its meaning, I often get a look of amazement and curiosity !

Created on 26/08/2013

Achieving ‘Mastery’ in Business

What exactly is business mastery ?

When we think of mastery, we normally associate this word with other forms of specialist work or professions within the industry of music, sport, art, science, etc.

I can name a few: a concert pianist or composer; a karate black belt champion or Olympic champion; a writer; a painter; a fighter jet pilot; an astronaut; and the list goes on.  

Created on 14/08/2013

The Power of P

Have you ever realised that the letter “P” is actually a very ‘powerful’ letter in the alphabet, and also relevant in the world of business ?

Created on 13/08/2013

Dealing with ‘Failure’, on your journey to 'Success'

“We learn the most about ourselves when we fail, so don’t be afraid of failing.  Failure is part of the process of success.” (quote by Robert Kiyosaki)

Created on 07/08/2013

Six Ways to Build Brand Resilience

There is a lot of talk around these days about sustainability, and it's a term I have used more than once about brands. I was reminded on the weekend, that when I talk about sustainability what I really mean is resilience.

Created on 24/02/2012

The New Mentoring Models

In the post global financial crisis environment, the world of mentoring has changed. Career structures and expectations have been transformed over the last three years and three new models of mentoring have emerged.


Created on 16/12/2011