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30-minute Quick Coaching

General Outline:

This coaching program is most suited for the business owner, enterprising individual, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, executive, employee, business leader, or person seeking more success in their life or within their business venture or career.

This one-on-one session is convenient, fast, effective, and suitable for people on the go and with busy lifestyles.  You will have immediate access with your Business Coach (Federico Re) of up to 30 minutes per session via phone.

You will have the unique opportunity to liaise with Federico, who will offer his entrepreneurial expertise, first-hand business knowledge, and recipes for phenomenal success.

Federico will also utilise his extensive 'NLP' and 'Decisionship' coaching toolkit; many years of professional training and hands-on business practise; and various unique methodologies and techniques to help you sharpen and enhance your mindset for better results within a very short timeframe.

There is no need to spend countless hours working with a Business Coach, and spending large sums of money.  A quick 30-minute high impact session is all that it takes to create incredible and immediate results. 

Created on 18/12/2013

Specialist Business Consultation


Federico's specialist consultancy is based on nearly two decades of hands-on experience within the SME sector, and across a number of niche industries including retail, manufacturing, wholesale, design, health & wellbeing, logistics, exhibition, and legal services.  

Federico has been instrumental in the growth and development of many small to medium sized businesses; as well as being a strategic partner and director of a select few requiring close supervision, guidance, and tactical advisory over the long term.

Federico has also coached budding entrepreneurs, executives and senior managers of large corporates, as well as enterprising individuals and intrapreneurs, achieve ultimate performace with their career or profession.

His proven track record of success also embraces his own start-up business ventures, which in their own right, achieved success, praise, and recognition in the public eye.

Your time spent with Federico is a guarantee that you will receive the best specialist business advisory, business coaching and personal training available in Melbourne and throughout Australia.  Federico's bespoke services are innovative, thought provoking, tactical, and proven to create impressive results.

Achieve the desired level of growth and success you are striving for in your business or career ! 

Don't waste time and money exploring other options.  Contact Federico for the best type of business consultancy and coaching available to you. 

Created on 16/03/2012