Mentoring and the Ultimate in Personal, Entrepreneurial and Business Coaching

Business & Personal Coaching

Federico is a truly unique business and personal coach.  He uses his two decades of entrepreneurial hands-on experience, combined with extensive professional formal training in business and mindset coaching, to transform his clients into successful and high performing individuals.  

He has a natural ability to motivate and energise his clientele to achieve outstanding results with their business venture, career, or simply in life.  His coaching style is direct, thought-provoking and strategic, but also encouraging, humble and warm.

His professional training encompasses 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' (NLP) methodology, as well as 'Decisionship' methodology which he acquired extensive knowledge and training from serial entrepreneur Creel Price.     

Over the years, Federico has asisted a vast array of people including start-up and SME business owners,  aspiring entrepreneurs and other enterprising individuals, who aspire to reach their peak performance in their life, business, or at work.  

Federico has formulated a range of business coaching and personal development programs to suit each individual. For as little as $109 (inc. GST), you will have the exclusive opportunity to directly liaise with Federico one-on-one.  

Programs include:

A quick and effective option to liaise with your coach over the phone, creating powerful / instant results.  Ideal for anyone on the go and with limited time.

A 1-day Masterclass or 4-week online program, ideal for the SME business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, needing to deepen their knowledge of entrepreneurship, as well as effective ways to master their business and mindset.

A 1-day Masterclass or 4-week online program, ideal for the enterprising individual, intrapreneur, executive, manager, or business leader of an organisation. 

Federico's business and personal coaching programs are guaranteed to help lift your level of performance, confidence, focus, and managment of your business to ensure you achieve your goals and aspirations.