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Interests and Philanthropy

The shear sacrifice, lack of money, constant failures, and challeging circumstances I faced, gave me the survival insticts, skills, and drive to push myself to new levels of performance.

[quote by Federico Re]

Federico is a passionate Flamenco guitar player, and has played the instrument since the age of 16.  He has received extensive coaching by well known flamenco players throughout Australia and Spain.  

When time permits, he enjoys playing his guitar in public with his band in Melbourne, as well as travel to Spain regularly to further his skills and talent in Flamenco.

His skills in guitar playing, combined with a professional background in photography, engineering, and various creative industries, enables him to think creatively and outside the square.  

His love for travel, and interest in philanthropy, has taken him to distant and exotic places on the planet including Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Dubai, Brazil, South-Africa, and other interesting places. 

Federico’s long term ambition is to work abroad, by volunteering his time and experience within third-world countries including Africa and India, teaching people about what he loves most – business & entrepreneurship.  

Most importantly, Federico enjoys spending his time with his wife Kristen, and two young children - Sebastian and Elijah, at his beautiful estate within the Victorian Macedon Ranges.

Federico is also an active participant and volunteer at Hillsong Church, and enjoys suporting the Christian community with his expertise in business, love of the outdoors, and committment towards educating children about parenting and Fatherhood.