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Speaking Engagements

Federico is an experienced and passionate communicator, driven by his strong desire to motivate, educate, and capture the interest of his audiences.  He connects directly with his people, inspiring and energising them to achieve greater things.

His dynamic keynote presentations often draw upon his two decades of personal experience of leadership, entrepreneurial success, innovation, retail trends, competitiveness, accountability, teamwork, and diversity.


His high level of enthusiasm, unconventional approach, openness to share personal experiences and down to earth nature, helps create a bonding rapport with his audiences.

Federico’s extensive portfolio of keynote presentations are tailored for major business events and festivities, universities, tertiary institutes, councils, business institutes, corporations, recruitment agencies,  networking and social events.

If you're looking for an inspirational speaker with a powerful and thought provoking message, then contact Federico Re as your Keynote Speaker at your next upcoming event.